Looking To See If These WordPress LMS Features Line Up With Your Online Course Needs? Here's What ProgressAlly Can Do...

With a lot of WordPress LMS features to choose from, it's nice to get a preview and a better understanding before you dive in… With ProgressAlly, you can create online courses that are beautifully branded, and that offer the best learning experience for your students!

Create e-Learning Lessons That Encourage Social Media Sharing

icon-videos-sharingProgressAlly is built into the WordPress Pages and Posts, so you can structure and organize your course modules in whatever way suits your learning style. You'll see how easy it is to:

  • Add videos, downloadable course homework, and any other content you'd like to offer
  • Create as many courses, modules, and lessons as you like
  • Build in social media sharing by uploading a “badge” that students can post when they complete a course
  • Reward students as they progress through a course by sending them emails via your CRM (Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign)

Here's an example of how you can use the power of social proof to build the buzz about your courses when students share on social media:

LMS Plugin WordPress

Create Lesson Objectives and Video Bookmarks

icon-objectives-checklistsWith ProgressAlly, you can easily track your students' progress, and encourage them to complete more lessons with our Objectives Checklists. With this functionality you can:

  • Add as many progress tracking checklist items as you like for each of your course modules, that students can check off as they complete them
  • Create video bookmarks that start playing videos at a bookmarked location for easy access (compatible with YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo)
  • Create a quiz completion objective that gets checked off when someone passes a test or quiz
  • Include a custom checklist on any page, carefully tailoring the learning experience to fit your students' needs
  • When integrated with PopupAlly Pro, you can also display a custom popup the moment an objective list has been marked complete!

lms plugin features

Allow Students To Take Notes Or Share Their Homework With The Course Administrator

icon-private-notebookAnother important way for students to learn is through taking notes. With ProgressAlly, you can create a few different variations using the “Private Notes” feature. On each course page, you can decide if you want to:

  • Add a note-taking area, that's totally private and individual for each student
  • Offer “2-way communication” notes for assignments, where you as the course administrator can reply, give feedback, and approve submissions
  • Facilitate private coaching, where no other student will see the notes, because they're linked to each individual student's login

Course Notes Feature

Offer Graded Quizzes and Tests

icon-tests-graded-quizThe dropdown menu inside the ProgressAlly page settings reveals the quiz types. When one is selected, additional options appear so that you can easily configure that type of quiz. You can create:

  • Personality Quizzes with Multiple Outcomes: This is a useful type of quiz if you want to assess someone, and add up points for each outcome differently. Think of this quiz type like an online personality test, where each question moves you closer to one of many outcomes.
  • Graded Quizzes Offering a Pass/Fail Outcome: A more traditional educational test where each question has a correct answer, and you can choose what your pass/fail threshold is for this quiz to be considered successfully passed.
  • Scoring Tests: Think of this test as the “3 little bears” story, where someone might answer a series of questions and find out if they're sitting in a chair that's too small, just right, or too big. You can set the threshold for each of the outcomes, so that you can offer suggestions based on how people score.

Once the quiz has been created inside the plugin settings, you can add it to any course page with just one click with our ProgressAlly shortcode adder.

You have two great display options for your ProgressAlly quizzes. First, you can choose to show all questions at once so the student can see the entire quiz at a glance. Or, you can choose to reveal only a portion of questions at a time. This second display option can help reduce overwhelm and increase the focus on a particular question or set of questions.

When integrated with PopupAlly Pro, you can also display a custom opt-in upon quiz completion. This allows you to further segment your students into different email lists, based on their quiz results.

wordpress lms features

lms plugin features

Tagging Automation (Rare WordPress LMS Features)

Rare WordPress LMS FeaturesOne of the unique features that ProgressAlly offers is the ability to integrate directly with your Customer Relationship Management system, whenever someone performs an action in your course.

Currently ProgressAlly integrates with these tag-based systems: Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip. With this tagging automation feature, you can:

  • Apply a tag when someone completes the course objectives for a module or whole course
  • Kick-start an automation sequence to reward students when they share on social media
  • Trigger a follow-up sequence when someone has NOT completed a course or lesson within a certain timeframe, to re-engage them
  • Apply a tag when someone successfully completes a quiz
  • Apply a unique tag based on any quiz outcome (in multiple-outcome quizzes)

LMS CRM Tagging Integration

Auto-Generated Certificates of Completion

icon-certificatesIt's time to reward your students and give them a beautiful PDF Certificate that they can download and print off, and brag about their hard work! With ProgressAlly, generating a certificate for your students is as easy as…

  1. Uploading a certificate template (you get 5 templates to choose from or design your own!)
  2. Choosing which fields you'd like to auto-populate (student name, your name, the date, course name, etc.)
  3. Drag-and-dropping the fields to the right spot on your PDF template
  4. Selecting the fonts and colors for your auto-generated fields
  5. Adding the “Download Certificate” button or link to your course pages (you can make it conditional to completing a quiz or course objectives)

Here's a screenshot to show you how easy it is to style your PDF Certificates:

LearnDash Vs ProgressAlly

Fully Customizable Colors To Match Your Website Design

icon-color-design-customizationAll of the front-end ProgressAlly displays are customizable, so you can design a site that's cohesive and stays on brand. With ProgressAlly's design options you can:

  • Choose from three “progress display” design settings: a pie chart, a progress bar, or simple percentage text.
  • Alter the colors, fonts, and sizes of the different display areas with the click of a button
  • Or, select the “Advanced” option for full HTML and CSS control
  • Choose between a percentage-based progress text and one that illustrates the number of objectives on a page.

wordpress lms features

Track Course Stats With A Comprehensive Dashboard

Say goodbye to guesswork! When logged into your website, you can easily keep track of the overall user statistics through the Progress Reports.

Progress Reports

The Progress Reports allows you to see a full overview, as well as the stats for users on individual course pages.

This feature makes it so easy to see at a glance where the majority of your students are achieving success – and where they might need a little extra support.

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