You don't need to be a developer to create professional, gamified courses and learning programs.
The ProgressAlly LMS plugin for WordPress is the quickest, easiest way to add top-performing gamification features to your membership site.
wordpress learning management system
ProgressAlly Adds that extra incentive to complete your course!

ProgressAlly adds extra incentive to get tasks done which is something that is really needed when delivering online courses.

Too many people sign up for course without actually completing them because there is often no incentive to get it done.

– Gemma Louise Kimpton,
Does Your Online Learning Experience
Leave Your Students Feeling Blah?

Wordpress membership pluginsQuick question: How many students sign up for your online courses with the best intentions…and never finish?

They’re still on module 2, or they’ve printed off some worksheets, but you just can’t seem to get them to log back in and really progress through the course (which you’ve spent SO MUCH TIME working on).

You’ve tried reminder emails and helpful nudges, but your course is just not getting the completion rate it deserves.

This type of stagnation happens to online teachers and coaches everywhere – and it can be insanely frustrating.

From the sting of getting refund requests…to having students totally disappear off the face of the Earth…to receiving those in-depth “constructive criticism” emails about courses that you’ve poured months into designing and creating…

I know how it feels to create your best course yet, and then watch engagement and completion rates tank.

I used those less-than-thrilling experiences to design a WordPress learning management plugin that would make it easier than ever for my students to succeed.

Because, as we all know…

Successful Students Mean Fewer Refunds, More Referrals, and More Money in Your Pocket

I’m Nathalie Lussier. I’ve been designing online learning experiences for over 7 years now, and many of my early attempts at transferring my knowledge into courses were a total fiasco.

Online Course Design MattersWhen I started to really listen to my students and think through how I learn best online, I realized I could make some simple tweaks to my existing courses to make them more effective.

What I realized: Selling a course is only one piece of the puzzle.

There are plenty of marketers out there teaching you how to sell your courses online…

But there’s barely any emphasis on ensuring the success of your course participants.

Why are marketers neglecting the EXPERIENCE of taking a course, when that’s what learners spend the most time and effort on?

(Not to mention that most membership sites and course platforms are so bare-bones, you might as well just slap up a page with a video and call it a day.)

Instead of focusing all your efforts on marketing your course, focus your effort on creating the best course experience, so it markets itself.

Fundamental Truth #1:
When your students have great results, they tell other people.

  • They send the course signup page to their friends (that means free qualified referrals for you!)
  • They send in testimonials — meaning you have plenty of real-deal ROI proof to show your future students
  • They share their results, giving you amazing stories to put together fantastic case studies

Fundamental Truth #2:
You can build magnetic, impossible-to-quit learning experiences, too.

Without the need to learn code, advanced design, or complex theories.

Meet ProgressAlly:
The Learning Management Plugin That Makes Your Courses Irresistible
Built-In Gamification

Progress tracking and gamification motivates participants! Plus, you can reward them with certificates of completion when they reach a milestone or finish the course.

Simple, Intuitive Navigation

Video bookmarks make it easier for your students to learn and revisit course content within seconds, not hours. (No more re-starting videos and trying to find where they left off!)

Quick & Easy Quiz Builder

Test your participants’ understanding, and reward them with bonuses for engagement.

1-Click Social Sharing

Your students can easily share their progress on social media — building buzz for your courses and organically increasing your sales.

Private Notes For Individual Coaching

Students can save notes for themselves, or send notes to the teacher for review and individual feedback.

Customizable Designs

Choose one of our built-in color schemes or style it your way to match your aesthetic

Mobile Friendly UX

The course interface automatically resizes on different devices, meaning your students can view it on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or another favorite device.

Works With Your Existing Plugins

ProgressAlly plays nice with your existing WordPress membership site plugin(s), saving you time and money.

Integrates With Any WordPress Theme

Customize the look and feel to match your membership site design! Compatible with any WordPress theme.

Behavior-Based Tagging Integration

Apply tags when a member completes a quiz or module, or shares on Facebook.

Homework Review

Students can receive custom feedback and approval on their course homework assignments.

Blown Away By How Great It Looks!

From the bottom of my heart – thank you so much for everything. All of the members that logged in this morning to peek at the site were blown away by how great it looks.

This plugin is going to be so helpful to so many people! The Objectives part of ProgressAlly is awesome!!!

– Kimberly Gosney,
“Gamify” Your Training Course With Fun Rewards That Motivate Your Students

“Gamification” is a bit of a buzzword—but it just means making learning more fun and engaging.

Your students are turning to online learning because they have a thirst for knowledge… but they DON’T want to go back to school.

(School: AKA where you sit and stare at a chalkboard for six hours, listening to a bored teacher drone on about a subject that doesn’t interest you…)

You can’t afford to give off that stodgy school vibe in your online courses.

Instead, infuse fun and motivational rewards into your training to help people progress through your content more easily.

Here are 6 ways that ProgressAlly will wow your students and keep them engaged all the way to the end of your course:

#1 Give Regular Feedback with Easy-To-Create Quizzes

Quizzes are immensely powerful learning tools, because they give participants a chance to pause before moving onto the next piece of the puzzle.

Use quizzes to test your students’ understanding of the concepts you’re teaching, or to help students review at the end of a module. Or use them to unlock bonus content and badges!

ProgressAlly enables you to create any type of quiz you want, from fun, quick knowledge checks to comprehensive certification assessments.

After students complete a quiz inside your course, ProgressAlly can automatically add a tag based on the quiz outcomes, giving you even more flexibility to release additional course modules when the students are ready…not before!

Plus, when integrated with PopupAlly Pro, you can segment your students into different email lists based on their quiz outcomes!

#2 Build Buzz With 1-Click Social Sharing

There’s no better feeling than watching your students make their way through your course, one module at a time.

You love watching it. They love doing it. So why not give them some bragging rights?

Using ProgressAlly, you can reward learners with badges and prompt them to share their success on social media.

Badges fulfill the basic human need to “unlock achievements”. Use them to motivate your learners to finish out your course!

Plus, this easy social sharing feature builds word-of-mouth marketing directly into your courses and programs — and turns existing customers into die-hard brand advocates.

#3 Make Navigation a Breeze with Progress Checklists & Video Bookmarks

Teaching via video is incredibly powerful. It’s visual and auditory — and with added exercises, it can be kinesthetic, too. But it can be hard for your learners to watch entire course videos from start to finish (who has 45 uninterrupted minutes to watch a video?), or to find a specific segment when they’re looking for an answer to a question.

How many times have you watched a tutorial video, and returned a few weeks later only to find that you had to re-watch the ENTIRE video just to find the spot you wanted to review?

With ProgressAlly’s video bookmark feature, your students can fast-forward to the exact point they’re looking for with just one click.

Plus, built-in progress checklists allow learners to check off the parts of a video they’ve finished watching or implementing. So it’s super easy to return to the exact point to be reviewed.

This feature works for videos hosted on Vimeo, YouTube, and Wistia.

#4 Personalize Every Student’s Experience With Integrated Tagging and Segmenting

When your student completes an action (like filling out a quiz, completing a module checklist, or sharing your content on Facebook), you can apply a tag.

Tag integration helps keep your students even more engaged by personalizing their experience based on their behavior. You’ve even got the data to follow up with students individually if you want to!

Tagging gives you the ability to kick-start email sequences, pause campaigns, and move people into different streams or segments purely based on the actions they take inside your membership site. The possibilities are endless.

ProgressAlly fully integrates with the tags you create in ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and Drip. (It also natively connects with the AccessAlly membership plugin, but ProgressAlly is compatible with any WordPress membership plugin, too.)

#5 Simplify the Feedback Process with Personal & Shared Notes

ProgressAlly’s Private Notes functionality lets you tailor the learning environment for each member.

Your students can leave course notes for themselves to review on specific module pages, highlighting the most important information to save themselves time.

You can also turn Private Notes into a two-way communication channel between you and your students.

Learners can turn in “homework” or get feedback on their comprehension of a concept, and you can send different private notes to each member.

Just decide how often to receive email notifications on notes, and you’re in business.

Use this individual touch to deliver the best private coaching experience imaginable to your students — with ZERO custom coding.

#6 Increase Your Students’ Satisfaction Through Automated Custom Certificates

With almost no effort, you can automatically send your students a beautifully designed certificate of completion with their name on it.

Customize your certificates to fit your needs: for example, you can include the member’s name and the date the course was completed.

Certificates impress the value of course completion on your members, and give them a reason to celebrate.

It’s as easy as uploading a PDF template (or choose from our pre-designed samples!). Then, just drag and drop the auto-generated fields to match your design.

Your learners can print their certificates, share them with the world on social media — or both!

Student Satisfaction & Success Lead to More Word-of-Mouth Marketing, and Ultimately More Sales

We built ProgressAlly with one goal in mind: to help you increase engagement, improve customer experience, and ensure that your students absolutely LOVE your programs… so they tell their friends, and you make even more sales.

Because tooting your own horn is never going to be as effective as having someone who loves your programs spread the word for you.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful form of advertising… and it’s free!

Adrianne Meldrum
ProgessAlly Helps Me Attract Better People!

I am actually using it right now to be a lead magnet on my quiz page. It is working really well and attracting better people as they have to really want it to get on the list which I really like.

I also have been using it with my course so that people can keep track of what they've completed. It looks great on my site!

– Adrianne Meldrum,

The bottom line:

Creating incredible learning experiences around your digital courses and inside your membership site leads to more sales and more repeat customers.

Think of ProgressAlly as the organic way to grow your business while always keeping your learners in mind.

Are You Ready to Add More Excitement & Encouragement to Your WordPress Learning Management System?

No matter what membership site plugin you’re currently using, you can add ProgressAlly on top.

Start by adding a quiz, a progress checklist, or video bookmarks… and watch your social media shares and sales grow.

Reward your students with a customized certificate and tag or segment them when they complete course objectives — without handling anything manually.

PLUS, join the private ProgressAlly Facebook community to collaborate with other users and get additional support and insights from those in our community.

wordpress learning management system

Match your ProgressAlly style settings to your website design, typefaces, and colors

wp lms plugin

Create a quiz on any page on your WordPress membership site

wordpress lms plugin

Then add the quiz using our simple ProgressAlly shortcode selector
Sage Linden
Totally transformed how my course looks!

ProgressAlly has totally upleveled my online course! Now my clients can check off when they have completed actions associated with each video which gives them immediate feelings of satisfaction.

This plugin has totally transformed how my course looks and has increased its effectiveness – thank you!

– Sage Linden,
Get Started Today With This Intuitive LMS Plugin
$ 197/year
1 Year License includes:
Unlimited courses and memberships on unlimited personal websites.
Unlimited quizzes, video bookmarks, checklists, certificates, and social sharing.
Email support and plugin updates.
AmbitionAlly Has Phenomenal Customer Service!

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your quick response and support.

Thank you for your quick response! I will now be recommending AmbitionAlly products for one more fabulous reason than before – phenomenal customer service!

– Brooke Bailey,
Is ProgressAlly Right For You? Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will ProgressAlly work with my membership site plugin?
    ProgressAlly is a WordPress plugin that sits on top of existing “permission based” membership plugins. It's been tested to work with: AccessAlly, Wishlist Member, ZippyCourses, OptimizePress / OptimizeMember, MemberPress.
    ProgressAlly is compatible with AccessAlly ProgressAlly is compatible with OptimizePress ProgressAlly is compatible with WishList Member
    ProgressAlly is compatible with ZippyCourses ProgressAlly is compatible with MemberPress
    If you're using a different WordPress plugin than the ones listed here, ProgressAlly is still compatible, it just has not been documented yet.
    *ProgressAlly will not work properly if you are using Digital Access Pass for your membership plugin.
  • Will ProgressAlly integrate with my email marketing platform/CRM?
    ProgressAlly does not depend on your email marketing platform or CRM, so it will work with any email marketing system like Aweber, Mailchimp, MadMimi, GetResponse… However, if you want to use “Tagging Integration” then you’ll need to use an email management system that has tags built in. The ones that have tagging and that integrate with ProgressAlly are: ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and Drip.
    ProgressAlly integrates with ConvertKit ProgressAlly integrates with ActiveCampaign
    ProgressAlly integrates with InfusionsoftProgressAlly integrates with Drip ProgressAlly integrates with Ontraport
  • Can I create opt-in quizzes with ProgressAlly?
    Yes! ProgressAlly integrates with the PopupAlly Pro plugin, allowing you to create beautiful, intuitive opt-in quizzes.
  • Will ProgressAlly work with my existing WordPress theme?
    Yes, ProgressAlly is compatible with different themes and theme frameworks. If you happen to run into any issues with a theme you're using, just shoot us an email with the details and we'll be happy to help you resolve the issue or release a fix to ensure compatibility.
  • Will ProgressAlly work if I'm not using a membership plugin?
    Yes! You can install ProgressAlly on non password protected sites, like your blog. If you want to offer free and open courses, where people can still complete quizzes or use video bookmarks, you're more than welcome to do so.
    The only drawback is that people's progress will not be tracked between visits, since they don't have a members' account associated with their actions. This is fine for one-time quizzes or mini-courses, though!
  • If I don't have an existing membership plugin, what would you recommend to pair with ProgressAlly?
    There are a lot of WordPress membership plugin options out there. If you're using Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit then we recommend using AccessAlly. Otherwise, you can pick from any of our tested integrations and go with the plugin that suits your needs the most.
  • What’s the annual license fee, software update and email support renewal going to cost?
    You'll be charged $197 annually for ongoing product access, updates and continued support one year after you sign up for your ProgressAlly license.
  • Is there a demo of ProgressAlly in action?
    Yes, see our WordPress learning management system in action here: ProgressAlly Demo
    You can also get a sneak peak at how easy the setup process is here: ProgressAlly Tutorials
  • Can I see all the features listed out in more detail?
    Of course, get the full scoop on these WordPress learning management system features here: Full LMS Features
Our 30 Day, Total Satisfaction Guarantee

ProgressAlly Guarantee

Use ProgressAlly for a full 30 days and experience the power of adding gamification to your ecourses.

Spend just 5 minutes installing it onto your website, with just a few clicks. Then easily create quizzes, video bookmarks, checklists, and social sharing buttons by following our simple tutorials.

Give yourself a full 30 days to experiment with ProgressAlly. ProgressAlly is an easy to use learning management system plugin that works on any WordPress membership site, and takes your online learning experience to the next level.

But we understand that not every plugin is right for every business, so if you're not totally thrilled, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we'll send your refund within 24 – 48 hours. Super simple.

Ready to set yourself apart, offer value to your tribe, and sell more of your offerings using ProgressAlly?

Just click the button below to get started, and have your online course membership site transformed in minutes.

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1 Year License includes:
Unlimited courses and memberships on unlimited personal websites.
Unlimited quizzes, video bookmarks, checklists, certificates, and social sharing.
Email support and plugin updates.
Still Hesitating? 10% of Your Purchase Goes Straight to Charity

Plant With Purpose

As part of our commitment to the planet and the people who live on it, 10% of the proceeds for ProgressAlly are donated to The Plant With Purpose foundation. We’ve donated to this organization for the past few years, and I’ve seen the impact that even a small seed can make.

Plant With Purpose’s programs help families work with their local ecosystems to increase farm yields, improve nutrition, send girls to secondary school, and provide greater economic opportunity through entrepreneurship.

We’re so excited to be able to pair one of our newest tools with the means to help others around the globe make progress, too!

This is your chance to do something good for the planet, while helping the people who take your courses and join your membership site thrive.

$ 197/year
1 Year License includes:
Unlimited courses and memberships on unlimited personal websites.
Unlimited quizzes, video bookmarks, checklists, certificates, and social sharing.
Email support and plugin updates.
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