AccessAlly 2.1.3 Release Notes

Bugfix release in October 2016.


  • Change the webinar start method to use Youtube Live Event for better control of account and visibility settings.

AccessAlly 2.1.2 Release Notes

Released in October 2016.


Payment Integration (ActiveCampaign ONLY)

  • NOTE: This feature is in beta and is only available when integrated with ActiveCampaign.
  • Add your own product order forms to a page on your website. Clients can purchase via PayPal.
  • Order forms are customizable so you can match them to your site / brand.
  • Order forms are mobile-responsive, so clients can place orders from desktop computers and mobile devices.


  • Updated Amazon SDK namespace to avoid conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed leaderboard calculation issue that arose when the end date was left blank.

AccessAlly 2.1.1 Release Notes

The latest update for our AccessAlly plugin includes an important bug fix for Ontraport users, a new user migration wizard, and more!

Released in August 2016.


Date Format Customization

  • Allows you to specify which date format is used by AccessAlly (YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, etc).
  • Currently, AccessAlly shows dates in order listings, subscription listings, and affiliate details.

User Migration Wizard Add-on

  • Batch create AccessAlly users, based on a list of existing contacts in Infusionsoft / Ontraport / Active Campaign.
  • Perfect for creating logins for existing clients and migrating from another platform to AccessAlly.

(Download the add-on in our Member Area)


  • Updated the Ontraport affiliate leaderboard display logic to show affiliate names. The feature was showing blank names due to a recent change in the Ontraport API.

AccessAlly 2.1.0 Release Notes

This latest update for our membership site plugin includes a much-anticipated, full integration with ActiveCampaign. 


Integration with Active Campaign

  • Active Campaign is officially introduced as a new CRM integration option (in addition to Infusionsoft and Ontraport).
  • The essential AccessAlly features work identically, whether integrated with Active Campaign, Infusionsoft or Ontraport.
  • Because Active Campaign does not have built-in eCommerce or Affiliate Tracking, the corresponding features in AccessAlly are also disabled when it is integrated with Active Campaign.


Login control

  • The login shortcode is added to the AccessAlly Shortcode Adder, along with optional parameter customization.
  • The default styling of the submit button is now right-aligned.

Credit card listing display for Ontraport

  • Because Ontraport only permits 1 credit card to be stored per contact, the button text now switches between “Add” and “Update”, based on whether or not there is an existing credit card.

User Profile tag list display

  • Tags are now shown in alphabetical order.
  • Filtering has been added to the tag list, making it easier to search for a specific tag.

All-Access debug feature

  • The All-Access switch will bypass permission tag requirements and conditional redirects, allowing admins to see every page/post without the need to add all the permission tags.

Workaround for Visual Composer

  • The Visual Composer theme interfered with AccessAlly Permission Tag settings when only 1 tag was configured. A workaround was added to prevent the interference.

Empty shortcode formatting

  • Consecutive conditional display shortcodes that renders empty content will not add new lines.


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