Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Owners

We put our hearts into everything we do, and you'll see why these must have WordPress plugins for business owners are international bestsellers. We design intuitive software for ambitious business owners, and we know you'll love these WordPress plugins.

An Easy to Implement Popup That Can Double Your Conversions
Intuitive Course and Membership Site Plugin for WordPress
An Easy Way To Add Gamification and Reward Students
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Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business

You might be asking yourself, which of these must have WordPress plugins should you start with, and how do they all work together?

Let's start with your goals as an entrepreneur, blogger, or freelancer.

1. If your goal is to build your email list…

You'll want to install PopupAlly Pro on your blog or main website, because it lets you build a variety of opt-in forms in just minutes. It's also the only polite popup on the block, because it gives you fine tooth control over who sees popups (and lets you treat your existing subscribers like royalty by not showing them future popups).

With PopupAlly Pro you can create any number of opt-ins… from squeeze pages, floating “opt-in bars”, below-the-blog post opt-in forms, exit-intent popups, click-to-open popups, and practically any opt-in form design you can imagine is possible (no coding experience required).

Must Have WordPress Plugins For BusinessWe've had PopupAlly clients report an increase in opt-in conversion rates that are astounding, the plugin has been featured on, and we've seen people go from 0 to 7,000 opt-ins in a year using PopupAlly Pro. Needless to say, the plugin works to help you build your email list fast, and politely.

2. If your goal is to launch an online course…

Maybe you've already built an audience of raving fans, and it's time to create and sell a digital training program or ecourse.

That's where ProgressAlly and AccessAlly come in. These two WordPress plugins play different roles, but they work beautifully together to make your online courses stand out.

ProgressAlly is our Learning Management System plugin… that works with any WordPress membership plugin (you’ll see a full list of tried and tested membership plugins on this page, but chances are that if it’s a members area plugin for WordPress, it’ll be compatible!).

This means that by adding ProgressAlly on top of your existing membership area, you can easily add quizzes (both pass/fail type quizzes and personality test types)… You can also add progress tracking checklists, video bookmarks for easily skipping to or reviewing videos inside a course, and social media sharing.

With ProgressAlly you can unlock badges or bonus pieces of content inside an ecourse, and allow students to share their progress with one click on social media… helping to build more buzz for your online courses seamlessly.

Plus, ProgressAlly helps your students actually complete your courses and get more value out of what they’re purchasing!

AccessAlly on the other hand, is the best WordPress plugin if you currently use Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit… it’s designed specifically for these platforms (so it won't work for you if you use Mailchimp, Aweber, or any other options).

This type of deep integration with these CRM platforms means that you can create incredibly sophisticated members areas that are unique to each course participant, based on their tags and access.

AccessAlly also comes with WordPress templates, so you don't need to design the look and feel of your membership site from scratch. Plus, AccessAlly was designed to enable cross-selling from free courses to paid courses, to allow for 1-click upsells, and to display an entire affiliate area inside your members site.

Together, AccessAlly and ProgressAlly are an unbeatable combination that make for a great user experience for your clients and customers.

But if you're not on Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit yet, then you can get started building your courses using ProgressAlly and transition to the power of AccessAlly when the time comes.

You can also use the built-in webinar software of AccessAlly to host live coaching calls, or deliver full trainings inside your members area.

3. If you're a freelance web designer or developer…

If you work with business clients as a web designer or developer, then you’ll love all of our plugins because they each work to make your clients’ lives easier.

And, with our spectacular Agency License, you have access to our set of professional web development tools…with one, simple price and unlimited installs on your clients’ sites.

With PopupAlly Pro, you can easily design custom opt-in forms and popups and have your clients make changes on their own. Plus, you can develop your own templates for common designs and upload these directly into the plugin, so you can save time on each website build.

Similarly, when you’re armed with the Agency License for our plugins, each of your clients can create smart, gamified members areas with ProgressAlly.

These are just a few of the simple ways you can add value to your existing client projects with these must have WordPress plugins for business owners.

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