AccessAlly 2.1.4 Release Notes

Released in December 2016.


Payment Options Integration

  • Integration with Stripe, which allows users to purchase a product by entering their credit card information directly through AccessAlly without having to use PayPal.
  • This feature requires the server to have a SSL certificate.
  • The credit card payment workflow is fully PCI compliant.

ConvertKit integration

  • We are excited to announce full membership integration with ConvertKit.
  • All of AccessAlly's existing functionality is implemented with ConvertKit, including automatic login creation, permission management, custom field / credit operations, and payment processing / automation.
  • Since ConvertKit doesn't track affiliates, the corresponding affiliate features in AccessAlly are disabled when integrated with ConvertKit.


Allow date ranges for affiliate leads shortcode

  • New optional parameters in the affiliate leads shortcode will display how many leads each affiliate has had within a specified time period, rather than just a rolling window for the last [x] days.

Workflow wizards

  • Added tag refresh buttons that will update the existing tag list from the CRM without refreshing the entire page.
  • Added custom posts to existing page selection. This feature will permit users to choose from pages created as custom posts when building a course in the Workflow Wizard. With this option, you'll be able to integrate with other plugins like LearnDash, which uses its own unique post type.

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