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Ordinary popups are rude, distracting, and run the risk of annoying your readers so much they leave your website. Forever. PopupAlly is an easy-to-use, premium WordPress plugin that empowers you to grow your list (so you can grow your business!) while being of maximum service to your readers. (Without being annoying!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I switched the display setting to ‘exit-intent’, but the popup is still showing up as ‘time-delayed’. What is going on here?

In the background, PopupAlly makes use the WordPress Caching mechanism to make sure your site runs as fast as possible. Depending on your hosting service, cache can delays the changes you made. There are three solutions:

  1. Be patient: the cache will be updated after a while. What ‘a while’ is depends on your hosting service
  2. Clear the cache: you can contact your hosting company to find out how to clear the cache. For WPEngine, you can go to the ‘WP Engine’ menu item, and click on the ‘Purge All Cache’ button under General Settings
  3. Disable then re-enable PopupAlly: disabling PopupAlly automatically deletes any cached information that it stores. Only use this is as a last resort, as while PopupAlly is disabled, you might be losing valuable visitors!

I have both popups activated, but they’re not showing up as expected?

You can only have one popup appear for a post/page. However, it does not mean only one popup can be active at a time. For example, you can have the following setup for a page:

  • Popup 1: appear after 30 seconds
  • Popup 2: exit-intent popup

Both popups are active, but the appearance of the first one will prevent the other from appearing.

We have added the feature to allow multiple popups to appear in PopupAlly Pro. As it runs the risk of being annoying to visitors, we have left it out of the basic PopupAlly. You can sign up for the waiting list and be the first to know when PopupAlly Pro is released!

Send us your questions and we will add the answers here!


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