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(Late nights & brilliant ideas abound.)
REALITY CHECK: Are You Getting The Website Traffic, Happy Paying Customers, and Extra Cash You Need From Your Business?
Heartquarter Insider
Keep reading to find out how heart-working business owners like you are falling in love with technology and digital strategy to turn their ideas into profitable companies online.
Give Me 5 Minutes and We’ll Get To The Heart Of The Matter & Eliminate Business Overwhelm, For Good.

The biggest issue I see holding ambitious business owners back from the success they’re capable of is overwhelm and lack of clarity.

Specifically, clarity about their unique next steps.

Too often, a founder is wearing too many hats, getting pulled in dozens of directions on a daily basis… and not gaining traction because they don’t have a clear strategy, and the step-by-step know-how to implement it.

That’s why I created the Heartquarters program.

Let Our “Heartquarters Compass” Point You In The Right Direction For Immediate Return On Investment
Heartquarters Training
Heartquarters Training

As soon as you join Heartquarters, you take a straightforward 5 minute “Business Compass” assessment that lets us know where you’re at in business, so we can recommend the next logical step for you…

…Whether that’s setting up your first website, hiring a new team member, or starting a podcast show.

This immediately cuts down on overwhelm, because you know exactly what you need to do next to grow your business.

You’ll automatically be matched up with the right Heartquarters Training to help you achieve this goal… And once you complete it, we’ll be there for the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

The Step-By-Step Digital Training You Need To Build Your Business Infrastructure & Ramp Up Your Reach and Revenue

These signature video training programs show you how to create a solid online business foundation from the heart.

You’ll get short, actionable, results-oriented programs to get your first profitable Facebook ads set up, to getting a podcast in the “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes, or setting up your Google Analytics for maximum insights and decision-making power.

You’ll learn how to hire your first Virtual Assistant, how to optimize your site for the search engines, and the best way to host a successful webinar without breaking a sweat…and so much more.

You decide which of these trainings to tackle next… and you’ve got access for as long as you decide with our flexible payment options. This delivery method does encourage you to take action on what you learn, with new trainings being released on a quarterly basis though, so you won’t want to let this course be put on the shelf to collect dust until a later date.

When your business has a solid business structure and it comes from a place of integrity, your clients and customers will be more confident in investing in the services you provide.

As a Heartquarters member you can pick and choose the programs that will help you best achieve the business goals you’ve set for your business over the course of the year.

If you purchased each of these courses, plus the 4 new courses to be released this year individually, you’d be investing over $1500 for this training, but as a member of Heartquarters insider you can get started for as low as $79/month.

Beyond “How-To” – We Host Your Website For You
Heartquarters Hosting
Heartquarters Hosting

Most programs out there are all about the “how-to”… Which only leaves you with a longer list of “to-do” items.

When you join Heartquarters, you’ve got the option of moving your site or setting up a brand new website on our lightning fast Heartquarters Hosting plan, only available to members.

With Heartquarters Hosting, you can have your very own fully-functional WordPress website, which comes with 3 exclusive customizable designs to choose from… So you don’t have to build a site from scratch, and you can tweak as you refine your brand. You can swap out the images and add your own flair… without spending a ton on hiring a designer and developer and waiting months to have a website up and running.

You could spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a website design, and still not be able to change things when you want, but with Heartquarters we put you back in control using Headway Themes.

Plus, because we know how important list building is for your business building efforts… We’ll pre-load your new website with a copy of our premium PopupAlly Pro plugin, so you can add as many beautiful opt-in and popup forms as you like.

But that’s not all, we also believe in the importance of being able to host webinars directly from your website… so you’ll also get WebinarAlly pre-installed, and you’ll be ready to hit “start” on your first or next webinar as soon as you login to your site!

If you were to pay for hosting of this caliber for a whole year, it would set you back $348. To purchase PopupAlly Pro and WebinarAlly, you’d spend another $124… And the cost of getting a website up can range from $50 for an off-the-shelf theme to $5000 for a fully-custom website so this is a great way to get your very own fully-functional WordPress website up and running with 2 of our most popular plugins for a fraction of the cost.

Take a Look At The Templates You Can Start With

Don’t worry about customizing the look and feel of your site or how to point an existing domain over to this new site of yours… We’ve gone ahead and recorded simple how-to tutorials to walk you through exactly how to make changes to your new online home! You can follow along with our video tutorials to learn how to tweak the templates, or hire a designer to help refine the look and feel of your new site so it really stands out. (We have vetted AmbitionAlly Certified Partners who are there to make your website dreams come true!)

Quality WordPress hosting like we’re offering can run you $20/mo to $100/mo depending on your site’s traffic… but it’s all included in your Heartquarters membership.

What People Are Saying About Our Trainings and Community
Sara Exley
Much More At Ease With Where I’m Going As a Business Owner

I just joined and am so excited to have found Nathalie’s work! I already feel so much more at ease with the outline you shared and journey I’m on as a new-ish business owner. Right now I am going through the list building challenge and the website building WordPress module.

I’m so happy to be here and look forward to learning and growing together!

– Sara Exley

Mike Monroe
Game-changing nuggets that I haven’t heard anybody else talk about

I’m just getting started with my online business (trying to learn as much as I can), and the confidence that Nathalie gives me is OUTSTANDING. I’m not talking about “you can do it” rah-rah confidence. I’m talking about real confidence founded on things that (a) work (b) I can actually DO.

Just listened to her latest traffic webinar: THANK YOU for making social media so simple and THANK YOU for 2 other game-changing nuggets that I haven’t heard anybody else talk about.

You rock.

– Mike Monroe

Lauren Sergy
I’m No Web Developer But I Was Able To Build Something That Got Me a Lot Of Compliments

I’ve been using Headway for a couple of years now, and I like it. I’m no web developer, but I was able to build something that got me a lot of compliments.

I learned how to use Headway from Nathalie Lussier’s “Headway Made Easy” tutorials. It addresses the fundamentals of the program, which is money well spent.

What I really like is that even though I’ve now hired someone to re-design my website, I know enough about Headway to be able to work with it myself once she is finished. Also, it is very easy for me to update all the content and copy without having to dive into the actual back end of the theme.

– Lauren Sergy, LaurenSergy.com

Danielle Bradley
Personal Recommendations Make All The Difference

Thank you so much for your recommendations Nathalie! I love being part of this group. It’s been almost a year now and getting feedback and insights plus personal recommendations from Nathalie is so invaluable, so appreciated!

Thanks again!

– Danielle Bradley

Cathy Cochrane
The best part of Heartquarters is the community

Getting to know this small group of women (and men) and interacting with them almost daily was like having my own team of colleagues, resource people and friends right here in my home office. This has been a more valuable resource than I ever could have imagined, Nathalie. My deepest gratitude to you for creating such an open, warm and safe space.

Then, there’s the plethora of tools and tips and guidelines available in the dashboard. Nathalie’s got a real gift for taking this overwhelming world of virtual business and breaking it down into clear, manageable, actionable steps. There are days when I surprise myself at how much I’m able to do, all because she teaches it in such a straightforward way.

Heartquarters is perfect for any online business owner who’s floating around in a cloud of overwhelm and insecurity. Nathalie and the community help you get your feet back on the ground so you can keep moving forward.

– Cathy Cochrane

Carolyn Bergshoeff
This program blew my mind!

Watched the first video (Intro to SEO) and it blew my mind. I am pretty good in SEO already and use the Keyword Tool, so I found your tips to be logical, easy to follow, and full of things I could use immediately! I especially love your tip on how to decide if the competition is too high or not for a given keyword. Cannot wait to watch the rest! So glad I decided to do this.

– Carolyn Bergshoeff

THE single best subscription we’ve signed up for!

Heartquarters is probably THE single best course/subscription we’ve signed up for and I’m looking forward to all the new stuff to come (ways to use my hearts, new courses, etc.)

– Shayna Teicher, CultivarDesigns.com
Every Piece Of This Program Is Designed For Your Success

In our experience, building a successful business is a long term endeavor. You can’t be totally focused on building something great for just a few weeks… That’s why we’ve created the Heartquarters program to be an ongoing part of your business evolution and growth.

If you prefer to go “all in” on something for a year, you’ll save 20% on your enrollment and just pay $750/year to remain a Heartquarters member with all your benefits. Or, if you prefer, you can pay month-to-month for $79/month and cancel anytime.

Either way, you’re in good hands and we’re here to support your business growth with a combination of technology, training, and accountability coaching.

Yearly Membership
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.
Monthly Membership
$79/month cancel anytime
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.
Get Heart Expanding Lessons From Top Leaders In Sales, Relationships, Health & Wellness, and More…

Business is about more than transactions.

For many of us heart-centered entrepreneurs, business is personal.

That’s why I’m sharing curated presentations from the world’s leading experts on personal development, marketing, health and wellness, relationships, and more.

Ask yourself: who do you need to become in order to grow a thriving and successful business?

I’m so excited to share my treasure chest of Off The Charts Business wisdom to help you answer that, because we all resonate and learn best when we can get lessons from different teachers along our journey.

Here’s my list of hand-picked guest experts and what you’ll learn from each of their videos:

How Our Members Translate Lessons Into Discussions And Action
Lindsay Han
I Started My Podcast & Got On The New and Noteworthy List In Just 1 Week!

I want to share a win and give major thanks to Nathalie Lussier. I launched my podcast in early July after listening to the Heartquarters podcast tutorial. I had it mentally in the works for a while but didn’t know all the tech ins and outs so I was stuck. Not after her video!

My goal was to get on new and noteworthy in August. Instead I was on it in week 1 and hit as high as the 40s in the self help category! With that momentum and a free challenge I was running, I launched my first online product in August to sell 15 with only a 300 person list! Now people are finding me through the podcast getting on a wait list to work with me for the next launch.

This Podcast tutorial really got me into action! Nathalie’s video made it all so easy and smooth to implement. Thank you again Nathalie!

– Lindsay Han, Lindsaythelifecoach.com

Jessica Newell
One Of The Best Discussions I’ve Yet To Have!

I do really want to say that this has been one of the best discussions in a Facebook group that I’ve yet to have. I so appreciate all of you – and thank you Nathalie for creating this space for community!

– Jessica Newell, BlissKeeping.com

Lori Rochino
Instrumental In Finally Getting My First Book Done!

Just wanted to let you know your Kindle Book Publishing training was really helpful in FINALLY getting the first Kindle book DONE! I’m doing the free promo you suggested and getting downloads already.

Oh, and I got a spanking brand new mic for podcasting and can’t wait for your podcasting training to go live in a couple of weeks!

– Lori Rochino

Dorothee Struck
Just The Right Training To Start Marketing With Webinars

Thanks Nathalie Lussier, your Stellar Webinars course is just the right training to start me finally with webinars. I was thinking about it for ages and your training makes it super easy to start. Thank you so much!

– Dorothee Struck
The Difference Between Business Owners That Succeed And Those That Fold? Having A Supportive Accountability Alliance

As a Heartquarters member you become part of a tight-knit, supportive community of heart-centered entrepreneurs, ready to support, inspire, and cheer you on.

One of the keys to my own success was finding a network of women who believed in me – especially in moments when I wasn’t so sure myself!

I want you to have that, too.

Quarterly Coaching Calls
Quarterly Coaching

I could keep on adding additional hours of tutorials and trainings or even more software tools… But at the end of the day, true business results happen when you take action.

Because I know that when you have someone keeping you accountable to your goals, and you focus on the top 20% of activities that drive 80% of the results, you’ll succeed.

As a group we’ll meet “in person” virtually on Google hangouts.

I’ll answer all of your questions and provide feedback, support, and mentorship as you make your way on the courageous journey to business ownership, thriving, and making a difference.

Since your fellow Insiders will be with us, you’ll have an opportunity to bond, compare notes, and build that sense of, “Yes!…I can do this!”

I’m not here to get you all pumped up and excited about your business, only to leave you hanging when the going gets tough. We’re in this together and you’ll be able to ask questions inside our members only Facebook group as well.

The sooner you gain traction in your business, the faster you’ll be able to scale, earn more, and hire others to help free you up to live the life you’ve always wanted.

These quarterly meetings are such a powerful way to strengthen your belief in yourself, because when we listen to other people’s questions, it reminds us that we’re all learning and growing together. That’s the very essence of courage.

These calls are valued at $500/year, but as a Heartquarters Insider you get access to them and past recordings as part of your membership.

Heartquarters Accountability

I’ve seen it time and time again: business owners who set goals and tap into social accountability are more likely to achieve success.

Sure, you could try to build a business in a cave in total isolation… But it would likely take you much longer, and it wouldn’t be very fun.

To keep you motivated and on track with what YOU want to accomplish most in your business and the world at large… We’ve created an accountability system that allows you to “earn Hearts” that you can then redeem for more trainings, free hosting, bonuses, and more.

As soon as you sign up, you can match up with another member or two to form your Accountability Partnerships and get started taking massive action in your business, achieving one goal after another.

This is the special sauce that keeps you in action, and this is where you’ll learn that you’re not in this alone.

Heartquarters Critiques

Ever wish you could get feedback on your opt-in page, ad campaign, web site, or sales page?

Maybe you’ve asked for feedback by posting in various Facebook groups you’re a part of, but the downside of “crowd sourcing” your marketing is that you’re not getting advice from people who have done what you want to do.

For example, you might get the feedback that your website has great fonts and colors… But what you really need to know, from a marketing standpoint, is whether people will sign up for your email list or purchase your products.

As a Heartquarters member, you can sign up for a gentle but effective video critique. You’ll get direct feedback on your website, opt-in, or sales page and leave with specific things you can do to improve your conversions.

This actionable advice can mean the difference between 1 opt-in per day and 20. Or the difference between crickets chirping on launch day and tons of sales pouring in.

What Others Are Saying About Nathalie
Marie Forleo
Nathalie Is a Natural Leader

Nathalie is such a natural leader, and she’s committed to always bringing her best to everything she does. Nathalie’s ability to answer tough technical questions when it comes to launches, web sites, and analytics is remarkable.

Nathalie was a guest lecturer for our B-school program, where she taught students how to create their own web sites, set up an email list, and track their results. She went above and beyond to take care of our students by answering questions, and making sure everyone was taken care of. The feedback we got about Nathalie’s training is that she makes online business and technology easy and doable.

Nathalie knows her stuff, and I’m happy to have her as a guest teacher and trainer.

– Marie Forleo

Christa Meola
My income has more than doubled since hiring Nathalie!

Nathalie sky-rocketed my online presence to include a site that is easy to update, a mailing list that is on automatic, and tons of time-savers and data-base builders!- all within a few weeks!

Nathalie is such a pro at explaining all the tecchy stuff in a simple way that I can understand. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be stuck and pulling my hair out regarding anything tech-related.

– Christa Meola

Lori Bertazzon
Always Valuable – I got my website up because of Heartquarters!

For me, the best part of the program is your website tutorials and information pages. They were invaluable. That was what sold me and I have my own website, that I did, because of you. Additionally I found the facebook community page really helpful.

Yes I would recommend Heartquarters to other entrepreneurs, and I have. Nathalie and Robin are amazing!! Your customer service was superb and your offerings are always valuable.

– Lori Bertazzon, Thelightnessofbeing.net

Christine Elder
Sold Out My First Nature Retreat & Launched My First Online Course

Thanks for all you’ve done in Heartquarters and Launch It and Profit! Because of you I’ve not only sold out my first nature sketching retreat to Honduras but also launched my first online course. And also thanks so much for the lovely spiral staircase book – I’m using it as a daily productivity journal!

– Christine Elder

Blaze Lazarony
The Content and Outlines Are Golden

Listened to the entire Stellar Webinars class last night Nathalie Lussier. It’s extremely well organized and strong content! Your “what to say when” outline is golden! Worked like a charm for my webinar… thank you!

– Blaze Lazarony
Are you ready to put your heart and soul – strategically – into your business so you can finally grow and earn more?
Yearly Membership
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.
Monthly Membership
$79/month cancel anytime
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.
My 30 Day Heartfelt Guarantee
ProgressAlly Guarantee

I want to make sure you’re thrilled as an Insider and get the business-building programs, personal growth training, and community support you need to step into your role as a thriving business owner making a difference.

I encourage you to join us now and spend a full 30 days discovering what membership is all about.

As soon as you enroll, I’ll send instant access to the training programs, Off the Charts expert wisdom, and the private Insider community.

Once you’re in, watch my welcome video and head on over to the Facebook Insiders’ Group to introduce yourself and meet your new “power posse.”

Next, open up the Insider’s Compass for Heart-Centered Business Growth so you can find the perfect training program to start with and make the most progress the fastest.

Also make sure to dive into the Off the Charts business wisdom because every video gets you another step closer to creating a business that reflects your values, personality, and gifts.

Really get the most out of your membership over the next 30 days. But if for some reason – any reason – you’re not confident that membership is right for you, just email me and I’ll send a full refund within 24 – 48 hours.

Even More Stories From Our Members…
Erin Sharaf
Current, cutting edge and practical insights!

There are SO many resources out there offering to help entrepreneurs build a business, it’s hard to know which ones are the “real deal” and which ones will not really deliver the goods.

The most valuable part has been the regular coaching calls with Nathalie! Getting to ask our own personal questions and learn from other entrepreneur’s issues has been priceless. Nathalie is an invaluable wealth of information and her kind and supportive presence has given me confidence to continually stretch myself: both personally and in my business.

I absolutely would recommend Heartquarters Insider to any business owner interested in smart and purposeful growth. Nathalie has a breadth and depth of useful knowledge that belies her age. She offers up this knowledge in ways that are fun and highly impactful. Her tips are current, cutting edge and practical. My business has progressed more quickly than I anticipated because of her guidance and the information I learned in Heartquarters Insider.

– Erin Sharaf, ErinSharaf.com

Amy Humphries
I’m on the front page!

I’ve just finished the Simple SEO course – happy to say that my site is no longer hanging out on page 35 of a Google search and I’m on the front page for some of my keywords. Thanks for the great content!

– Amy Humphries

Angela Savitri
The Biggest Value Is The Specific Trainings

I just joined a month ago and haven’t listened to all the trainings, but I think by far the biggest value is and will be the SPECIFIC trainings like webinars and FB ads. Also really helps to have a listening ear from people in the FB group and coaching calls.

Heartquarters is ideal if you want specific online biz training and already have clients and your message and marketing down.

– Angela Savitri, Freedomfromchronicstress.com

Amy Lippmann
Nathalie’s SEO product blew me away!

When I was looking to expand my knowledge in the area of SEO, I knew Nathalie was the person I wanted to learn from. I don’t typically purchase information products because I am usually skeptical about how helpful they will be. Nathalie’s SEO product blew me away. She teaches powerful strategies that are easy to implement.

Her teaching style is very clear and fun! What I love is she doesn’t overwhelm you with every possible strategy; she just leaves in the most powerful ones and explains each one very clearly (including video demos of exactly what to do). It doesn’t get much better than that!

– Amy Lippmann
How It Works: Earn “Hearts” & Grow Your Business

Heartquarters isn’t another one of those programs or courses that is going to collect dust once you enroll. Heartquarters is a progressive training that will accelerate your business growth and take your business Off The Charts one course at a time.

You have the option to enroll in many courses at once or take it one program at a time. Whichever option you choose, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Each time you complete a course you will earn additional “Hearts” to apply towards your next course, your Heartquarters hosting or a Heartquarters Critique.

What Will Your Business Look Like in 90 Days?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dig deep and find the courage you need to succeed.

You can keep moving forward searching for the answers or you can take advantage of my expertise and experience which will save you thousands of dollars and months on end of trial and error figuring out the next best step for you and your business.

Is Heartquarters right for you?
  • You’re ready to stop jumping from idea to idea (or course to course) and finally get some traction in your business.
  • You’re tired of spending countless hours learning how to grow your business in new ways and know it would be so much easier to learn from someone who has already done the legwork.
  • You’re looking for a community of like-minded and heart-centered entrepreneurs who can help support you and accelerate your business growth.
Yearly Membership
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.
Monthly Membership
$79/month cancel anytime
  • Specific Hands On Business Trainings
  • Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Off The Charts Live Recordings
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Accountability Alliance To Get More Done
  • Heartquarters Hosting For Your WordPress Site
Our 30 Day List Building Challenge participants will be the first to know when enrollment opens.