How To Start Your Own Affiliate Program And Avoid These 3 Expensive Pitfalls

how to start your own affiliate program

Looking for information on how to start your own affiliate program without creating an unmanageable beast or wasting time and money?

Then you’ve found the in-depth guide to help you get set up, the right way!

But first… Here’s a question for you:

When is the “right time” to start an affiliate program for your online business?

The truth is that timing is everything, especially when it comes to bringing affiliates on board.

And yeah, it’s tempting to try to figure out how to start your own affiliate program in the early days of business… but it’s probably not a great idea to act on that impulse.

Affiliates are often synonymous with “pay as you go marketers,” but this association can be misleading… and can end in some really expensive lessons. Click To Continue

What’s Happening With Headway Themes?

headway themes

I remember checking my notifications on Facebook and having someone ask me…

“Do you know what’s going on with Headway Themes?”

At first I thought it was a little glitch, that might be easily fixed by closing down your browser and loading it back up. You know, the usual tech stuff that happens to all of us multi-tab users.

But this time the question was a little different.

It was about Headway as a company, and how they were either going out of business or unable to continue offering support and updates to their customers. Click To Continue

Income Claim Marketing Is a Recipe For Burnout (and What You Should Do Instead)

income claim marketing

You’ve seen it, and maybe even done it yourself:

“I made 5 figures last month, and I can show you how.”

“I run a 6 figure business, so you should take my course.”

“We have a 7 figure company, and we’ve doubled our business year to year, sign up for my programs.”

…What do you feel when you’re exposed to these marketing messages?

If you’re anything like me at various points along my journey: probably a mix of jealousy, anxiety that you’re not there yet, and scratching your head asking yourself if there’s something wrong with you or your business.

I get it.

Income claim marketing is prevalent in the digital marketing space, and there’s a reason for it.

In case you’re not familiar with it, income claim marketing is when a business or coach shares how much money they’ve made… in an effort to prove how successful their business has been. Usually, this display of wealth is also used in order to sell something that promises to replicate these results for students. Click To Continue

What’s The Best WordPress Popup Plugin For Email List Building? Let’s Take A Look…

best wordpress popup plugin

Starting today, we are in all-out list building mode with the live 30 Day List Building Challenge.

(If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Head over here to get started.)

Basically, for the next 30 days, we’re going to dive head-first into everything that really makes email list-building tick, from Analytics tracking and opt-in offers to webinars and popups.

…which means that this is a perfect time to take a look at what the best WordPress popup plugin might be for you to use. This will hold true whether you’re just getting started (and have zero budget), or are ready to invest a little bit more for a stronger opt-in tool. Click To Continue

Email List Building And Other Evergreen Business Goals for 2017

email list building goals

There’s a saying by Marie Forleo I really like that goes: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

It’s a saying that resonates well with the beginning of a new year for your online business. Because not only are there new goals of growth to be met for this year (adding a new team member? rolling out a new product?), but there are also those age-old, evergreen goals that have to be maintained…consistently.

And by evergreen, I mean things like email list building goals, better automation for your email sequences, and making sure you’re using the right tech tools. All tasks that require consistent maintenance and attention…even when they’ve been working well for you!

In other words, January is a time to focus on the fundamentals of online business growth. Click To Continue

Start Building Recurring Income For Your Blog With A Membership Site

start building recurring income

Working for yourself is probably one of the most liberating feelings out there… but it also comes with a large degree of stress.

Each paycheck is in your own hands, which can lead to working MORE hours than you would normally at an office. And sadly, the increase in hours doesn’t always come with an increased paycheck.

Of course, that’s why real solutions for building the elusive “recurring income” are in such high demand.

And the best thing for bloggers, is discovering that there’s a form of recurring income that can be easily set into motion with an everyday email marketing system and an integrated WordPress plugin… even if the only resource you have is your current email list of blog subscribers.
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