What Can AccessAlly Do As Your Membership Site Plugin for Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, or Drip?

Wondering if AccessAlly is the membership site plugin Infusionsoft / Ontraport / ActiveCampaign / ConvertKit / Drip integrates with in the most intuitive way? Keep reading to see exactly what AccessAlly features make this the leading solution to create the membership experience you've been dreaming of.

“2-Way Street Integration” Between WordPress and Infusionsoft / Ontraport / ActiveCampaign / ConvertKit / Drip

Credit Card ManagementAccessAlly is the only WordPress membership site plugin that has “2-way street” integration with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit… Meaning that your site can talk to your CRM and vise versa.

This allows you to powerfully manage your members' access using Infusionsoft / Ontraport / ActiveCampaign / ConvertKit / Drip through synced tag automation for:

  • Kickstarting or pausing Campaigns and Sequences
  • Conditional Content Display
  • Permissions Management
  • Affiliate Management (Infusionsoft and Ontraport Only)
  • Payment Processing

Seamless User “Sign Up” and Auto-Login Experience

AccessAlly provides you with a login widget and the ability to create auto-login links, allowing your members easy accessibility to their content.

This lets you create a seamless “opt-in to gain access to our membership site” experience for free courses or gated content.

Advanced User Profiles and Full Fledged Member Directories

Infusionsoft WordPress User ManagementSelf-management options include personalization of user profiles including:

  • Uploading a user profile photo
  • Updating user profile data including address, website, and biography
  • Securely updating credit cards on file
  • Listing past Orders and upcoming payments
  • Subscription management
  • Updating their password, and changing their email address on file
  • Plus a full fledged searchable User Directory

Membership Types

Online CoursesThere are no limits on the number of membership levels or amount of members at each level. Demo the user membership types in our AccessAlly demo. Create and offer unlimited membership levels:

  • Trial access
  • Free access
  • Paid access
  • Standalone courses, where customers get instant access to all the content
  • Dripped or Timed-Release Courses, where a module is released every X days (currently not supporting ConvertKit)
  • Daily challenges where one page is unlocked each day (currently not supporting ConvertKit)
  • Progress-based content releases, where the next module is released based on completion of a quiz or through checking off objectives
  • Monthly or yearly ongoing memberships

Easily Port Existing Users To AccessAlly From Your Old Membership Site

It's simple to create a group of users in your AccessAlly membership site, as long as their information is already listed inside Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip or ConvertKit. AccessAlly takes care of the details, automatically creating a batch of unique users so you don't have to spend hours of manual work on the same project.

Automated Course Creation & Cross-Selling Through Course Dashboards

Membership Site Plugin InfusionsoftThe AccessAlly Course Creation Wizard saves you time by automatically creating course pages, and the necessary automation tags inside Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, or ConvertKit. This level of Ontraport WordPress integration (and Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit integration) is what makes AccessAlly such a time-saving tool.

  • Easily cross-sell courses and content through our interactive “Course Dashboard” feature
  • Use our course icon templates as a starting point to design your members area, or get creative and use any graphics to represent your locked and unlocked courses
  • The conditional redirect feature sends members to a sales page or 1-click upsell offer* when they don’t have access to a particular course or program
  • Course pages and WordPress menus are automatically created for you with the right tag access – just add your content and they’re ready to go

Payment Processing

AccessAlly allows you to create products and product bundles for your basic membership site e-commerce needs. Then, simply create an AccessAlly order form and you're ready to start selling! AccessAlly uses PayPal and Stripe to process these payments (with the currency of your choice).

AccessAlly's unique ecommerce setup also allows you to follow up with any users who have “abandoned” their shopping carts, sending an email to encourage them to complete their orders.

Custom Coupons and Discounts

Creating products and product bundles is great… but what if you want to run a special, limited-time promotion?

AccessAlly allows you to create custom, time-sensitive discounts and coupon codes that can be applied to any and all of your AccessAlly products.

Credit Tracking System Through “Custom Operations”

WordPress Membership Credit SystemWith AccessAlly, you can easily create a credit or “points tracking” system for your members. You decide how credits are earned, redeemed, or purchased. Each members’ balance is stored in their Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, or ConvertKit account, and they can see their transactions in your members area.

Create a credit system to reward members who complete courses or quizzes, and allow members to unlock bonus content using their points.

Advanced Affiliate Centers with Leaderboard Tracking

Affiliate DashboardsTired of sending your affiliates to a different login area, where you can’t include promotional materials and tracking information all in one place?

With AccessAlly and Infusionsoft or Ontraport, you can create a fully functioning Affiliate Center that includes:

  • Custom affiliate referral tracking links for each product or course you sell
  • Promotional materials including graphics, pre-written social media posts, and swipe copy
  • Sales data for your affiliates including: affiliate sales, clawbacks, and payments
  • Plus contact information of the customers who purchase through an affiliate, so that you can easily get in touch via email to deliver a bonus or stay in touch
  • An automatically updating “Leaderboard” page with the Top 10 affiliates, for either leads or sales (or both!) – so you can run an affiliate contest. Choose from a particular product or most sales totals.

Embed Video Content, and Protect Your Files On a Per-Tag Basis

Protect Videos and Downloadable FilesA membership site is designed to protect your intellectual property, and make it available only to those who pay for access or opt-in for a free program.

With AccessAlly you can:

  • Protect any type of content like embedded videos (like Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube)
  • Secure mp3s and audio content hosted on WordPress or Amazon S3, on an Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, or ConvertKit tag basis
  • Upload PDFs and other downloadable files through the “Protected Content” feature
  • Take advantage of the static “Protected Content” URL that checks permissions before allowing anyone to download, so even if a link is shared outside your members area, the file won’t automatically download
  • Easily update the version of an uploaded file without having to update the link across your membership site

Choose From 3 Ready-Made Customizable WordPress Templates or Use Any WordPress Theme

AccessAlly allows you to use any WordPress theme you choose, but if you’d rather start with one of our easily customizable templates, you’ll love how easy it is to get started.

1-Click Upsells and Automation

1-Click UpsellsIncrease your membership site’s ROI by implementing 1-click upsells*, cross-sells, and allowing your members to upgrade or downgrade their accounts themselves.

  • Use customizable 1-click upsell buttons to charge the credit card on file and give members instant access to more content
  • Apply a tag inside Infusionsoft or Ontraport with the click of a button – use these automated triggers to allow members to change their membership status, like pausing their access, upgrading, or downgrading

*One-click upselling is only available for Infusionsoft users at this time.

Tag-based Split Testing and Countdown Timers

Split TestingUse the countdown timer to create a sense of urgency during your next time-sensitive promotion – or use it as an event reminder for your membership site users.

Take advantage of the split testing feature to set up a special offer and see which bonuses are more enticing to your members. Split test two or more variations of your course content, or find out which upsell works the best. The sky's the limit!

Supported 3rd Party Integrations

AccessAlly supports:

  • bbPress to allow you to add a forum to your membership site
  • ProgressAlly, to add gamification features like progress tracking, video bookmarks, quizzes, and social sharing
  • Amazon S3 files for tag-based protected content
  • WPEngine hosted WordPress websites
  • WordPress websites running PHP version 5.3 or higher.

User Management Via AccessAlly

User Management and TrackingWe all know that we can login to Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit to apply tags, process refunds, and update client information. But what happens when these systems don’t offer a trace log that you can refer back to, that allows you to see when tags were added or removed, and how accounts were changed?

The other downside of manually applying changes inside Infusionsoft / Ontraport / ActiveCampaign / ConvertKit / Drip is that it’s easy to make a mistake, that can trigger more side effects for a customer. For example, canceling a trial subscription without charging a customer might require applying or removing a tag, and choosing the wrong one can lead to costly mistakes and headaches to troubleshoot.

That’s where the User Management feature comes in. You can set up common operations, that can only be applied if a member has a certain set of tags – so you’ll never make an admin error.

  • Easily “merge” contacts, when members accidentally sign up with more than one email address
  • Create “common member admin operations” that a virtual assistant can easily apply, without logging into Infusionsoft or Ontraport
  • Use conditional logic to prevent errors on admin operations for things like refunds, trial cancellations, and pausing memberships
  • Trace through a member’s operation log to see what changes happened on their account

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Straight from the development team, you will have step by step tutorials to guide you through the entire setup process. With detailed explanations of each option available and code samples, you can efficiently deliver a membership site to your community.

Easy Setup Wizard

Even the most-user friendly software requires a learning curve when you first start using it… that’s why we created the incomparable AccessAlly Onboarding Wizard. The moment you install and activate your AccessAlly plugin, this amazing Wizard will walk you through the basic setup that you’ll need to get your membership site started. (Video tutorials are also available for the setup stages)


A library of shortcodes is available to provide you the flexibility for customization down to the individual page and post. The great news about AccessAlly shortcodes? You don't need to memorize them or look them up each time you work on your site, because we've got a built-in shortcode adder that does it for you!

Pair Membership Site Plugin Infusionsoft / Ontraport / ActiveCampaign / ConvertKit / Drip With ProgressAlly

Combine AccessAlly with ProgressAlly! ProgressAlly allows you to motivate your participants and make things fun through the use of games to unlock badges, take quizzes, and share their progress on social media. You also can enhance the learning experience through the use of video tutorials and bookmark segments of valuable content so they can come back and review as needed. Check out ProgressAlly now!

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