PopupAlly Tutorials - PopupAlly Not Working? We've Got You Covered!

On these pages you’ll find our in-depth tutorials for the free version of PopupAlly. PopupAlly not working? Take a look at our troubleshooting guide, chances are it’s something we’ve covered here before!

1. Installation

PopupAlly can be installed through two methods:

  • Built-in plugin directory
  • Downloaded Zip file

1.a Install through plugin directory

Go menu Plugins -> Add New.

1a - plugin add new

Search for ‘PopupAlly’, then click on ‘Install Now’.

1a - plugin install

Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Activate’ (or ‘Network Activate’ if you are using a Multisite).

1a - activate

1.b Install through Zip File

Download the latest PopupAlly version from the WordPress directory.

1b - plugin zip download

Once the file has been downloaded, go to menu Plugins -> Add New. In the ‘Upload’ tab, select the zip file that was downloaded, then click on ‘Install Now’.

1b - plugin install

Once the installation is complete, click on ‘Activate’ (or ‘Network Activate’ if you are using a Multisite).

1b - activate

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed PopupAlly! You should now see the PopupAlly menu item in the left hand sidebar.

1 - success large

2. Configure Popup Style

Now we want to customize the look-and-feel of the popups.

Go to menu PopupAlly -> Style Settings.

2 style menu

PopupAlly gives you 2 popups to work with. (Want more, try PopupAlly Pro!) You don’t need to use both of them, but here are a couple ideas for 2 popups:

  • Use the first popup as the newsletter signup and the second for special announcement
  • Use the first popup as a time-delayed popup and the second as an exit-intent popup with extra attention grabbing headline, like ‘Wait!’, ‘Don’t go!!’, etc

Before we get into configuring the specifics, it is highly recommended to give the popup a meaningful name:

2 name

The Style settings for each popup is split into two sections:

  • Integration: how the popup will interact with your email service provider
  • Customization: the look and feel of the popup

2.a Integrating PopupAlly With Your Email Service Provider (ie Mailchimp, Aweber, MadMimi, iContact, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Active Campaign, Constant Contact)

PopupAlly helps you create popups and opt-in forms to collect subscriber information. To do so, it needs to be integrated with an email service provider, as PopupAlly does not directly collecting email addresses or sending emails.

If you don’t have an email service provider yet, we highly recommend Aweber as a first choice.

PopupAlly only needs the HTML code provided by the email service provider and it will handle the rest. We have put together a quick guide on how to get the code for a few platforms:

Once you have the sign-up form HTML, just paste it into ‘Sign-up form HTML’. Once you click out of the text box, two additional fields will appear, allowing you to select the input fields for name and email.

2 integration

(If the HTML code is incorrect, you will get an error message. Hopefully it won’t come to that.)

2.b Customization

The customization section provides a wide range of options to change the look-and-field of the popup. Any change will show up immediately in the Preview box, which is exactly what the popup will look like when shown. (Want more customization options? Try PopupAlly Pro!)

Currently two templates are available for customization:

  • Tried-and-True: This is the default template and it is perfect if you want to set up a popup quickly.
  • Express Yourself: This is template provides you the freedom to change the size of the window. You can also add your own background image. The default size is perfect for embedded sign up forms.

3. Configure Popup Display

The display settings control how the popup will appear to visitors to your site. To configure the display settings, go to menu PopupAlly -> Display Settings.

3 display settings

3.a When will the popups be displayed

PopupAlly can show popup under two conditions: (Want more ways to show your popup? Try PopupAlly Pro!)

3 display settings

Trigger Description
Time-delayed Display popup after a set delay (in seconds). This is the most common popup. Generally, the delay should be set to at least 30 seconds, or it runs the risk of being annoying to visitors. (See sample page here)
Exit-intent This is the latest innovation in attention capturing. It is triggered when the mouse cursor heads up towards the close button. (See sample page here)
Embedded This is technically not a popup. However, as it is useful to embed a signup form directly on the page. It is recommended to use the ‘Express Yourself’ template for an embedded sign up form. (See sample page here)

3.b Show the popups on which pages

After at least one of popup options has been selected, you can configure on which post(s)/page(s) the popup will be displayed.

3 page selection

You can choose to use two selection methods:

  • Inclusive – show the popup for posts/pages that have been explicitly entered: leave the ‘Show for all pages?’ option unchecked, checkbox the pages/posts you want to display the popup in ‘Use for only these posts/pages’. Alternatively, you can checkbox ‘All pages’ and/or ‘All posts’, which will show the popup for all existing and future pages/posts, respectively.
  • Exclusive – show the popup for all posts/pages that have NOT been excluded: check the ‘Show for all pages?’ option, checkbox the pages/posts you want NOT to display the popup in ‘Except for these posts/pages’. Alternatively, you can checkbox ‘All pages’ and/or ‘All posts’, which will prevent the popup from displayed in all existing and future pages/posts, respectively.

3.c How to stop the popups from annoying the visitors

Occasional popups are effective at increasing conversion, but showing them too often can be annoying to visitors.

There are two ways to stop a popup from appearing:

  1. Show popup every [x] days: this setting controls how frequent the same visitor will see the popup. Only use -1 for testing purpose, as it will show the popup every time the page is loaded.

    3 show stop

  2. Thank you page: See detailed tutorial on how to Setup the Thank You page

4. PopupAlly Not Working? Here Are Some Testing Tips

Congratulations! You have now set up the popup(s). Here are a couple tips for testing:

4.a Is it on a page?

To confirm whether a popup is configured for a specific post/page, PopupAlly has a handy widget that provides that information. Just open any post/page in edit mode, and you will see the ‘PopupAlly Display Setting’ widget on the left, showing the display type for each popup (if any).

PopupAlly Not Working

4.b Why is it not popping up?

As mentioned in section 3.c, the popup will only appear ever [x] number of days. This is great for visitors, but bad when you are configuring the popup. There are 3 ways to skip the wait:

  1. Set ‘Show popup every’ to -1: just refresh the page and the popup will be configure to appear. This is the simplest testing method, but also most dangerous: make sure to change it before showing it to visitors! If you decide to test with this method, make sure ‘Use for only these posts/pages’ is NOT checked, and create a testing page specifically for this purpose and put the page id in ‘Use for only these posts/pages’.
  2. Make use of the private browsing mode built into most browsers. Close and re-opening the private browsing window is like starting with a clean slate.
    PopupAlly Not Working
    4 chrome incognito
  3. Clear cookies: this method is a bit extreme, as you will likely need to log into WordPress again. Use the private browsing method whenever possible

4.c Is it a theme issue?

By default, PopupAlly makes use of the WordPress function ‘wp_head’. Unfortunately, not every theme implements this function. If this is the case, you will see a plain sign up form at the bottom of a page where the popup has been enabled, similar to:

4 no stylesheet

If this is the case, you need to configure PopupAlly to use the non-inline mode: go to PopupAlly -> Advanced Settings -> check ‘Do NOT use inline Javascript/CSS’.

4 no inline

Please note that this option is not recommended and it should only be used when the wp_head function is not implemented by the theme.

Have fun creating popups! Make sure to leave us a review at PopupAlly.


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